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Hi!I'm Kelly
I help adults who feel fatigued and overweight change their habits to have more Energy, Feel Fit & Thrive through Nutritional Therapy.  

This is obtained with whole foods, digestive support, creating routines & supplementation (if needed) personalized for you.

Through proper nutrition and digestion,  vibrancy can be restored!

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Tired of Restrictive Dieting & Counting Calories?

Tired of Exercising and Not Getting results?

Tired of Hearing "this is normal"?


Are You Struggling With: Fatigue, weight gain, cravings, Brain fog?  


Group Nutrition:  STOP dieting & start living!

Get the support of friends with similar health goals with my 4 week, Get Fit - Kickstart

Real food, real changes

A solid foundation that is sustainable & Results Based!

Get together with friends and learn about proper nutrition and what your body really needs for sustained ENERGY & WEIGHT MANAGEMENT

Group maximum of 10

Weekly meetings, 4 weeks

Introductory price $200/per participant

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After you Work with me, 1:1, You will:
Have a nutrition plan that is unique for you, addressing your needs (digestive, nutritional, sensitivities)

Discover that establishing new habits is empowering as well as creating efficiency in your daily life

Upgrade your lifestyle with a variety of methods to de-stress throughout your day

All to Energize you while obtaining improved results from you workout!

Do you really know what is in your salad dressing?

Read ingredient labels, you will likely be surprised to see inflammatory oils, sweeteners, chemical additives including those labeled "natural flavors"

Making your own is easier than you may think!

Personalized to your taste, with anti-inflammatory nourishing oils and seasonings.

Use it as a marinade, vegetable dip & more!

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Professional Grade Supplements
15% Savings when you order with me
Select the link to go to my account


Collagen & other Quality Perfect Supplements Products,
10% Savings!

Magnesium & Minerals in a highly absorbable form, click photo for 10% discount & shipped right to you.  Reach out for dosage

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Manage Your Gut Health and Improve Digestion
 Fine Tune Your Fitness Performance,
Optimizing Energy, Health, Longevity

Kelly Messier, NTP

Guiding men and women in recognizing and removing foods that are inflammatory and energy stealing, while supporting gut health. Making your workouts more effective.

 Gut Healing:  Remove, Restore, Reinoculate, Repair

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Rosebud's Real Food, Herbs & Spices:

Got to Wellness Links or click HERE to visit site, 10% off with code:  Connect10

Books and Branch

For a consultation to determine if Nutritional Therapy is right for you, click below to set up a consultation:

Work With Me

Through Nutritional Therapy, we will focus on your individual nutrition and lifestyle needs to achieve optimal health and fueling for fitness.  This foundational, holistic approach is based on consuming properly prepared, nutrient dense, whole foods while addressing imbalances and deficiencies.

"Kelly is very easy to work with and talk to.  She’s kind and really listens without judgment.  She’s patient and understanding of past disordered eating and thinking"

"Each time we spoke, she had new tips and advice to give me.  She made herself available for any questions I had. With the health and wellness industry we’re constantly being told differing opinions on how we should eat, which foods to cut out, and trendy diet tools.  Kelly’s suggestions and process are reasonable and make sense"

"She had me incorporate changes slowly so I didn’t feel overwhelmed and give up"


The information on The Nutrition Connection, LLC website should not be considered medical advice and is not intended to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure any disease.  This website is for informational purposes only and has not been evaluated by any federal, state or local agency.

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