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Face wash/Make-up Remover


  • 1 cup distilled or filtered water

  • 1/2 tsp. Dr.Bronners baby-mild liquid castille soap

  • 1 tsp. Good Olive Oil

  • Glass container for storage

  • cotton balls or soft cotton wash-cloth

Mix the first 3 ingredients (I add a bit more olive oil to

help with mascara removal), add mixture to a clean glass container and use to wash your entire face or remove eye make-up; remember: no pulling or tugging be gentle to your  skin.


Water is the most important nutrient in the body and most of us are deficient

The minerals in sea salt help us absorb the water as well as provide us with needed minerals

Water has many roles in the body including:  flushing toxins, transporting nutrients, and regulating body temperature, just to name a few!

Why Salt in 

your Water


Each of our cells requires optimal nutrition to create ENERGY!

Optimal nutrition absorption

starts with well functioning digestion.

How well are you digesting?


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